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Paid members will have access to two special calculators. Due to difference school of thoughts about Geng's year transform stars, calculators for both schools are included. There is also a bonus case study of an auspicious Flying Star style Period 8 Feng Shui house.

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Calculator #1 provides luck chart calculation pass year 2012, allowing user to create luck chart up to 120 years old.

Calculator #2 is a special calculator not available anywhere in the web. It will output ten 10-year luck charts and 80 1-year luck chart all in one web page. Positive wealth stars (Lu Cun and Hua Lu) and negative wealth stars (Di Kong, Di Jie, and Hua Ji) for each chart will be listed above each chart. A sample of the chart is here  

The exclusive members' only bonus article is an auspicious Feng Shui House case study of a family who moved from a period 7 house into an auspicious period 8 house in 2005.

Per Lillian Too, in the "Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8" book, such house

"has the power to bring exceptional good fortune, abundance and wealth. Residents will enjoy excellent descendants luck and amazingly good relationship and mentor luck"

Per Eva Wong, in the "A Master Course in Feng-Shui" book, such house

"is associated with good health, great fortune, fame, respect, familial harmony, and descendants."

Does it work? The case study describes the principles the family followed when selecting the house. Also, there are comparisons of money, wealth, family, and health luck between the time they lived in period 7 and in period 8 house.

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