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Calculate Your Lunar Birth Date and Animal Sign

Please select your western birthdate and birth time to get your Chinese animal sign.

Why so much birth details are needed?
This is because Chinese New Year normally starts around late January to mid February of Solar/Western date. Also, Chinese day starts from 11pm and ends at 10:59pm of a normal solar/western day. Using just birth year alone, like most astrology chart you might encounter in a Chinese restaurant, your might get the wrong animal sign, especially if your birth date is around January or February.

Calculate Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

Please select your birthdate, birth time, and your sex to get your Zi Wei Dou Shu chart.

Important notes about birth time:
Use your local birth time for birth time except when you are born during daylight saving time. Please deduct your birth time by 1 hour if you are born during daylight saving time. For example, if you are born at 3:30 am during daylight saving time, adjust your birth time to 2:30 am and select 1:00am to 2:59am time from the drop-down time list.

If your time is very close to the cut off time, for example, birth time is 2:59am, try check both "1:00am" to 2:59am" and "3:00am to 4:59am" time to see which one describes you better.

Also, every few years, there will be a duplicate month where the month repeats itself. For example, there will be two February in one year. There are no agreement as to how to deal with the repeat month. Some would move the month forward by 1 month, some would not. The way to know if you are born in a duplicate month is by deduct 30 days from your birth day and see if the lunar month is still the same. If so, you should build another chart by adding 30 days to your birth date in order to advance the lunar birth month by 1 month. For example, if your lunar date is February 16 and it is a duplicate lunar month, try get another chart with lunar date of March 16 to check which chart describes you the best.

Get Your Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart with the 10 Year and 1 Year Luck Locations

Please select your birthdate, birth time, your sex, and enter the year in question.

The Year in Question:

There are many Zi Wei Dou Shu "schools" that calculate the luck years differently. This calculation is based on one particular school that calculate the luck year based on the "Liu Nian" method and only uses the four transformations of 10 year and 1 year luck.

There are two main schools of thoughts regarding the transformation stars. The only difference between the two schools is the transformation stars during Geng period, like year 2010. One school uses the traditional list of transformation stars: Tai Yang Hua Lu, Wu Qu Hua Quan, Tai Yin Hua Ke, and Tian Tong Hua Ji. The other school uses Tai Yang Hua Lu, Wu Qu Hua Quan, Tian Tong Hua Ke, Tai Yin Hua Ji. This free calculator uses Tai Yin Hua Ji methods. In the member area, calculators for both methods are provided.

It is assumed that the year in question is already in the period of Chinese New Year.