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2009ís best general topics

This article is originally published on January 21, 2009 in Traditional Chinese by Taiwanese Zi Wei Dou Shu and Feng Shui Master, Y.C.Chang. The author would like to thank Master Y.C. Chang for allowing the use of his article. His web site (written in traditional Chinese) is The main points of the article were extracted from the article and presented here. The original article can be found here.

In term of 2009 financial:

2008, year of the Rat, was a very bad year for the whole world’s financial market.  For 2009, Mr. Chen believes that this year is a year when misfortune has reached its limit and good fortune is at hand.    

This year is symbolized by Wu Qu Hua Lu (武曲星化祿).  Wu Qu is a wealth star and also symbolizes the activities for wealth.  People who were not doing well financially during the last two years would do better this year.  Normally many incidents happen unexpectedly.  However, because now the whole world is working on solving the financial crisis and is prepared for the worse, Mr. Chen boldly predict 2009 will not be as bad as most expected.    

General advises:

Although Wu Qu Hua Lu symbolizes wealth accumulation, this year also have Wen Qu Hua Ji (文曲星化忌), which symbolizes wealth elimination.  This means society continue to has it two extremes of wealth and poverty.  In July, it is easier to have bad turns in world’s politics and finance scenes; governments are advised to prepare for such events. 

Wu Qu Hua Lu also meets Tan Lang Hua Quan (狼星化權).  Both stars together means speculation and wealth through such activities.  This would mean stock markets can move violently.  In May, which is April in lunar calendar, the month’s stem is “Ji” is the same as the year’s stem of "Ji".  So, this is a month to observe.  If from February to April market significantly moves up or down, then this month is the month where the market could turns the other way.

For those who have bad wealth luck this year, there are some months to be aware of.  May (Wen Qu Hua Ji twice), July (Wen Chang and and Wen Qu Hua Ji), and August (Wen Chang and Wu Qi Hua Ji) are the months where those individual are more likely to depress and to split hairs.  Mr. Chen advises those individuals to maintain optimistic during those months.  Life always has its ups and down; those who maintain optimistic during down times would emerge as winners.

Feng Shui Wealth Advises:

During the Ox year, the wealth star is at southeast.  This location is where the wealth god arrives.  If one knows how to use this wealth location, then one will improve income streams.

Wen Chang star flies into south location this year, so move the study/office desk or bed to this location would help with study and work by improving exam luck and promotion luck.    

Northeast has Tai Sui star, so do not move dirt or make home improvement at that area as it would invite troubles. 

North has Five Ghosts star, so having front door or bed here would bring adverse effects to everything, especially health and wealth.