Destiny and Luck

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About Wealth

The author has long been curious if destiny and luck play any roles in influencing one's wealth. If there is influence, how much? Should we concern about the influence at all? If not, what could we do?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Wealth Luck

Many books about millionaires indicates that the fastest way to build wealth is to build a business. However, majority of new businesses fail within a few years of starting. If Zi Wei Dou Shu wealth influence does work, wouldn't it be nice to start a business during a good 10 year luck period?

According to the author's understanding of Zi Wei Dou Shu texts, the general principles are:

  • The best 10 year period is when the 10 year (the red color text in this web site's luck chart) period's Destiny House, Wealth House, Career House, and Travel House has no bad stars and has one or more good wealth stars.
  • The worse period is when the main star is weak, has bad stars, and has no good wealth stars.
  • Good wealth stars are Hua Lu ( (Lu) in the luck chart) and Lu Chun. The very bad stars are Di Jie, Di Kong, and Hua Ji ( (Ji) in the luck chart).

What if there is no destiny and luck influence?

What if there is no influence at all? Or what if you do not have wealth star's influence? What else could one do to gain or retain wealth?

One suggestion is to learn from millionaires. There are many researches regarding how millionaires gain their wealth. Among the many books about wealth, the author has a couple of books to recommend: